People Aren’t Nice

Painfully I make my way,
Across the muddy field of my nightmares
The light around me flickering to death
A Struggle it is for my very breath.
I wait and I watch
As people walk slowly by
Mindless of what goes on
Nothing to do, nowhere to belong.
They see me in pain
They see me cry
I hope they will give me their hand
If nothing, at least help me stand.
I laugh at how indifferent they are
Part of the world, yet nothing at all
They won’t listen to me and my cries
Somehow I should have known, people aren’t that nice.
I pull myself together
But who’ll help them out?
I wonder, with all the love denied
Who’ll even be there to meet them on the other side?


About ntyagi9291

' I am a kid, holding onto the thread, that holds it together' !! Yes I use ad tag lines to describe myself, cause they make so much sense. I get lost in the abstractions of the smallest things, making them inspire me. I look at the stars and make them tell me a story. I believe the relationship between a pen and a paper is the best of all. And as far as Wh!te N0!se is concerned, it's my safe haven. Technically , white noise is used as a relaxation aid ,helping people to stay calm. For me , writing is my Wh!te N0!se . Connect on FB !
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