Chasing Sunsets 

Throw a dart on the map board

Cover my eyes and lead my hand to the globe
We’ll go, through the unknown winding road
Let me spin to my hearts delight
And whereever my hair chooses to flip
We’ll escape and ride through the night
Up the hills with the air so clear
Not a soul in sight, only the silent echo
Running up paths, through the mist they appear
Toes in sand, clear water till eyes can see
The waves crashing against the rocks
Bringing peace to the restlessness in me
With you the roads hold the answer
To the worries of my mind and heart
To seek, to explore , to only go farther
We run away, hide away, for the beauty and the view
Not everyone will understand what we do
But let’s go, let me chase sunsets with you

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I left my heart in the mountains

Through the winding roads
You take me deeper into your soul
No lights, blind sighted I follow
Drawing me in with the lights of your sky
Lost in the patterns you magically weave
You call out to me
its in the rustle of the leaves
In the soft hustle of the wind through my hair
Pulling me in closer, closer to my own self
Finding the missing pieces of the puzzle in my mind
Making me lose my way, only to guide me back home
There is serenity in your aura,calm in your embrace
In our silence, you hear the words I can’t say
And as the sun sets like a halo around your head
I know I can’t stay, but my heart it stays behind
For hope, for peace ,for some respite from reality
Cradled in the memories,till I see you again

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Stand by Your Motorbike

Go ahead go stand by your motorbike,

Let me take a picture of you

The sun is falling slowly behind Your back

Oh! But your eyes, they shine so bright

 So let me stop time, for this one moment

and capture in a flash, a photo of happiness

 One for the memories and some more

For the sunsets we are yet to chase

and the days we left behind as memories

Frame the lazy Sunday morning escapades

Through unknown paths, just a song in your heart

And me. .

One for the nights, we wandered under the stars

 Full moon, the only light for the empty road ahead

Too late into the sleeping darkness,away from reality

Hey, at least those nights are ours

Flashes of my hair flying with the wind

Moving with the rhythm of the earth

Every picture a little story of our adventure

A journey ,every day it begins again

So , Go ahead go stand by your motorbike,

Let me take a picture of you.

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Turn Back Time

In the background,In the darkness

Through the streets of your memories

On a random day, a laid back Wednesday

 It comes back, just a hint

A feeling so lost in time

But just in a moment it’s real

And it slowly weaves a pattern for you

A Web , day after day It makes you stop , wonder

if you could change the course of your history

Would you ..?

Every choice, every action

 All the steps taken towards the unknown way

Been years but you think of it now

It made you, who you are today

But maybe, what if You could turn back the pages

Go over the path you’re on

Take the left and not the right

Follow your head and not your heart

And watch how it all changes in an instant

 But if you could, I know you would

 Turn back time and see

The person who you really could have been.

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Words left Unsaid

The sun rays hit my eyes
Slowly piercing through the fog
The mist in the wind fading away fast
Wasn’t it just a few minutes back
We were alive, blinking with the fireflies.

The night was ours, it’s darkness in you and me
A safe haven in your arms along with the falling stars
To let go,to lose our paths
To stumble and find each other again
An escape lifting my soul,setting it free

When did we get here, when will we leave
Measuring moments with our breaths
Watching time lose all its meaning
Only in our memories will this night stay
Bound by the dreams, we so beautifully weave

Lying on the warm earth,toes by the lake bed
The moon high above us
Finds a special way to shine in your eyes
It’s a slow rush, the senses giving in
To all the words we left unsaid.

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She’s the girl you see on the side of the street
Singing to herself, her own melody
The words like sugar to your soul
The only cure you needed, your life’s remedy

She is a mystery, they say, maybe someone right out of a book
‘coz her stories make you  a little dazed, unreal and dreamy
It’s her eyes, they envision, seeing beyond you and your tales
A slight twitch, a little flicker of her brows, you pause and begin again
It’s the wind around her, it changes colour to match her aura
And you get pulled in; it’s her own little world, far away from what you know
Flowing in the wind, her long hair changes the course of the day
The sun shining bright in her smile, the brightness of azure sky in her eyes

She’s the one, always with the smile on her face
The one who’ll drive your fears away
But as she sings in the moon light hour
Would you really know what makes her sway?

And with a turn, it’ll all change its meaning, the colours distorted
The dark thunder clouds gather, like her low spirit resting her head down
The rain follows her around for hours, days sometimes, and you see it too
It’s like the world senses the change of her mood, its all connected
To her whimsical hopes and desires, to her far reaching fantasies
Like a thread running through our souls, joining the ends together
And then she fights back, for the life to shine proudly again
Like magic, like fireworks, her life is a story, a puzzle each day.

She’s the one who’ll smile when it’s raining
As the clear water washes away the misery
Looking for a hope in a gloomy sky
Every step, marching towards victory

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Bhaagte shahar mein waqt kam tha
Phir bhi Yeh mann nhi maana
Uss ek lamhe mein  waqt kam tha
Yaadon mein wapis jaake,  usko churana..

I slip my hands through your hair
Like sand you slip away
Through the twists and turns of your lips
I find myself,  I lose my way
The trail of your fingers, lingers
Slowly,  etching a story for me
One that you whisper in my ear
Blood rushing, a soulful melody
I laugh, it’s so easy with you around
Words and music, the rythym in you
Swaying with the wind, with me
Time stands still ,doesn’t it always do?
Morning comes, the sunrise in your eyes
In one minute, it’s darkness again
Time is so meaningless now, you say
A rush,a madness, yet keeping us sane

Bhaagte shahar mein waqt kam tha
Phir bhi Yeh mann nhi maana
Uss ek lamhe mein  waqt kam tha
Yaadon mein wapis jaake,  usko churana..

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